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Intimate kosher spa and kosher boutique hotels are a new trend in Israeli hospitality. For your pleasure, eLunaTravel.com has hand-picked a small group of kosher spa and kosher boutique hotels in Israel. Each of these hotels was visited by our staff and we can offer information and first-hand recommendations.

eLuna has arranged mid week discounts at each of these hotels. Click on the links below to learn more and to make reservations through our website.

What is a Spa Hotel?

A Spa Hotel is a high-end hotel where the focus is on its sophisticated spa facility. This will include Jacuzzis, treatment rooms, and skilled trained masseuses offering an array of massages and treatments. These are lifestyle hotels generally offering a well equiped gym, large pool, excellent dining, and a relaxed no-stress environment. There are generally a small number of rooms so the facilities are not overcrowded. It is generally acceptable to wear a bathrobe in the public areas of the hotel. Age requirement: 16. Because of their unique services the rates at these hotels are generally higher than at the large branded hotels.

Several of the mainstream chain hotels have opened separate exclusive spa hotels or spa wings in larger hotels. Here are some examples:
* The Shizen Lifestyle is a wing of the larger Daniel Hotel, Herzlia. The Shizen wing has its own dining facility, exclusive of the Daniel hotel. Guests at the Shizen enjoy free admission to the spa. Entrance for Daniel guests and outside guests is by separate arrangements. The spa admits guests over 16 yrs of age.
* The Vitalis is a separate hotel in the Herods group of hotels, and is their exclusive spa hotel. With a small number of rooms the luxurious spa and pool are constantly available. There is an open buffet free of charge for Vitalis guests. The Vitalis is a pampering luxurious lifestyle experience.

What is a Boutique Hotel?

Boutique hotel
is a term used to describe intimate, usually luxurious hotels. Boutique hotels differ from mainstream chain, branded hotels, and Spa hotels in that they are smaller and can provide personalized accommodations, services and facilities.

A typical boutique hotel in Israel will have between 12 and 25 guest rooms. Boutique hotels are often located in refurbished old homes or in former inns. Some are decorated in a themed, stylish manner and are decorated with antiques, artwork, vintage or reproduction furniture and have interesting historical associations.

Boutique hotels focus on quiet and comfort rather than programs and activities. The hotel restaurant and bar may also be open to the general public. Boutique Hotels can be family run, like Villa Galilee. The person serving your breakfast is likely to be one of the owner's adult children.

Boutique hotels differs from the Tzimmer or bed and breakfast. There are typically more rooms than a tzimmer and more facilities. A tzimmer usually does not have a dining facility, whereas the Boutique hotel has a restaurant.

Spa and Boutique Hotel Facilities usually include: dining room swimming pool wireless access free parking. Check the write up for each hotel to verify these facilities.

Guest rooms usually include: an LCD television with cable (English language programming) large sized bed Robes slippers and complementary toiletries wireless access coffee corner mini frig complementary wine. See the write up of each hotel on eLuna for the facilities offered at that hotel.

Book your reservations at these hand-picked kosher boutique hotels in Israel through eLuna and enjoy mid week discounts:

Kosher Spa Resort Hotels
The Carmel Forest Spa Resort, Forested areas north of Zichron Yaakov
  Small size hotel and spa. Many daytime sports and activities. Luxurious dining room and gourmet meals. Guests over age 16 only.
Shizen Lifestyle Spa Resort - urban resort, Herzlia
  Spa wing of the Daniel Hotel. There are just 40 stylized rooms, admission to the spa, indoor pool, treatments. Guests over age 16 only.
Herods Vitalis Health & Lifestyle Resort, Eilat
  Intimate and luxurious spa hotel with just 50 rooms. Elaborate spa and treatments. Elegant dining, open buffet, luxurious vacation. Guests over age 16 only. 90 rooms on 8 floors.
Spa Club, The Dead Sea
  For the guests who love a spa, this is one of the most sophisticated spas in Israel. Beautiful pools, a great selection of treatments. Modest guest rooms and dining.
Kosher Spa Boutique Hotels
Amirey-Hagalil Spa Resort, near Mount Meron, Galil
  Countryside hotel and spa. Comfortable Israeli style decor, gourmet dining. Conference room. 18 rooms.
Hamakom Suites Resort, Western Galilee
  Individual units for complete privacy with all the facilities in each unit including a private pool and jacuzzi. 12 suites.
Villa Galilee Boutique Spa Resort, Safed
  Charming European-style hotel with old-world charm. Spa and conference room. Gourmet dining. 21 rooms.

Villa Galilee

The Carmel Forest Spa Resort
The Carmel Forest

HaBayit BaGalil

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